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Quit Smoking Faster
& More Efficiently

  • No More Cigarettes, Patches
    or Gums

  • Never Have The Desire to
    Smoke Again

  • Permanently Remove
    Nicotine From Your Life

  • Eliminate Triggers, Stressors
    & Situations That Lead You
    to Smoke

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What is Smoke Away?

Smoke Away is an all natural stop smoking support program designed to help you quit smoking. Smoke Away contains a proprietary blend of herbs and minerals that is designed to help rid your body of the toxins that have accumulated in your body over the years of smoking. The maintenance formula is another proprietary blend that replenishes your body with the vitamins and minerals that smoking zaps out in addition to helping keep you calm while your body goes through the quitting process. Smoke Away also contains a motivational audio program that reinforces your decision to quit.

How Does it Work?

Smoke Away Formula 1

Smoke Away’s Formula 1 ingredients will help your body to cleanse itself of nicotine naturally!

Smoke Away Maintenance Formula

Even those who have successfully quit still have temptations. But the Smoke Away system keeps working: Formula 2 is a maintenance formula to fortify you so you don’t fall back into the old habits.

Smoke Away Homeopathic Formula

This is truly an amazing part of the Smoke Away program. Simply place 1 or 2 tablets of our Homeopathic Formula under your tongue to help you through your most stressful periods.

Spray Away

Two shots is all it takes to help reduce your
urge to smoke. Spray Away is the easy to use
mouth spray that and actually helps hold off
those nasty cravings.

Psychological Help

Not only does the Smoke Away program
provide physical support, but psychological
help as well. Smoke Away offers a 2 part
Audio Support CD that motivates and
encourages your decision to finally take
back your life!

Benefits of
Smoke Away

Natural approach

It blocks your cravings without using nicotine and other toxic chemicals.

Good for Your health

Contains Vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that prevent premature aging and are essential to overall health.


Encourages you through the tough moments to continue in your journey and eventually succeed.

Stop smoking Now!

experience the amazing
benefits of Smoke AwAY
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